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The Equipment I am interested in is:
M series container jacks(POA) (sale-ehub523)
Price: $0.00
Description: With no electronics or hydraulics to maintain, this unit is a reliable performer for sites handling low container volumes. If portability and easy maintenance are your priorities and you have the manpower available, this unit is simple, cost effective and gets the job done. Get containers in and out of remote sites Lower your logistics costs Stop relying on third parties Make your operation independent Position containers indoors SPECIFICATIONS STANDARD COMPONENTS 4 x lifting frames 4 x certified chain hoists LIFT CAPACITY M20 - 20,000 kg (44,000 lb) M10 - 10,000 kg (22,000 lb) LIFT HEIGHT 156 cm (61 in) REVERSING CLEARANCE 40 cm (16 in) LEG WEIGHT 130 kg (286 lb) TOTAL WEIGHT 650 kg (1,433 lb) PACKED DIMENSIONS 222 cm x 113 cm x 70 cm (87 in x 44 in x 28 in) MINIMUM OPERATORS 2 CONSTRUCTION Lightweight, high strength steel Quality coatings for corrosion protection Puncture-proof rubber tyres CHAIN HOISTS Individual chain hoists rated for 50% of system load limit Full force on chain to lift at full load ca. 35 kg (80 lb) Full force on chain to lower at full load ca. 15 kg (33 lb) SPECIAL FEATURES Adjustable base for stability on rough ground Lifting frames disassemble and pack into compact unit Can be transported in container, on truck, or on a ute. Longest component fits inside across width of shipping container.

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