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The Equipment I am interested in is:
P series container jacks(POA) (sale-ehub524)
Price: $0.00
Description: MOBILE HEAVY CONTAINER LIFTING Now you can transfer heavy containers in any location. Portable and safe, with a lift capacity of up to 32 tonne, this unit is the ideal solution for sites where traditional container handling equipment is too big, heavy or expensive - or simply unavailable. Easy to transport, works on rough ground and can be moved around by one person - no forklift required. Take full control of your container logistics Eliminate crane hire Get heavy containers in and out of remote sites Position containers indoors Make better use of valuable space SPECIFICATIONS STANDARD COMPONENTS 4 x steel legs with carrier frames 4 x double acting hydraulic cylinders 1 x hydraulic power and control unit Assorted hydraulic hoses, fittings & rigging LIFT CAPACITY P32 - 32,000 kg (70,000 lb) P10 - 10,000 kg (22,000 lb) LIFTING HEIGHT 165 cm (65 in) REVERSING CLEARANCE 50 cm (20 in) LEG WEIGHT P32 - 130 kg (286 lb) P10 - 110 kg (242 lb) MINIMUM OPERATORS 2 CONSTRUCTION High strength steel Quality coatings for corrosion protection Hydraulic cylinders with integrated counter balance valves Abrasion resistant hydraulic hoses with quick release couplings Puncture-proof rubber tyres HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT Integrated electric motor, hydraulic pump, oil reservoir and directional control valves, inside steel tube housing on wheeled base POWER SUPPLY 240 VAC 50 Hz / 10 AMPS (110 VAC and DC options available)

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