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The Equipment I am interested in is:
CNG Compression Virtual Pipeline Assets (POA) (sale-ehub562)
Price: $0.00
Description: This is for the complete package of assets from a decommissioned CNG virtual pipeline inclusive of mother station and daughter station CNG Mother station 5 x CNG compressors 1 x instrument Air Skid 2 x heat exchange module 1x gas control and priority panel 1 x water refrigerative chiller 1 x water refrigerative chiller 4 x truck filling module 1 x motor control centre Daughter station 2 x pressure regulator skid 3 x heater module skid 2 x gas booster compressor  engine drive 2 x scavenge inlet regulator and heating skid 1 x instrument air skid 4 x truck decanting module 4 x truck decanting module 1 x motor control centre Assets are near new Compressors have on average 100 run hours (of 80,000h life) And have been well protected The environment is for the most part dry and warm The compressors have been regularly rotated The mother station systems have been powered and air conditioned since use Water chiller systems have been treated and pumps rotated Pipework is under nitrogen blanket (mother) or low pressure gas blanket (daughter ) Status prior to stopping production The daughter station was fully commissioned and tested The daughter station has now been decommissioned, disassembled and transported to the mother station site The mother station was fully commissioned except the mass filling algorithm which remains incomplete Assets are located Near port headland Western Australia

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