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The Equipment I am interested in is:
Triple Rinser (sale-ehub637)
Price: $2,200.00
Description: All the hazards and hard work involved in triple rinsing chemical drums has been simplified with the market release of the TripleRinser " container cleaning unit. Supporting environmental responsibility and workplace safety this new TripleRinser unit, reduces the labour and time on container cleaning, resulting in capturing waste solutions and minimising contamination of the workplace environment. The TripleRinser, is a versatile unit that promotes and assists in better environmental management practices in recycling, that combines worker safety along with labour and water reduction. Manufactured in corrosion resistant stainless steel, the TripleRinser meets the asthetics of brewing plants, wineries, medical facilities and other sterile environments. Designed to accommodate any plastic and metal chemical containers up to 20 litres, the TripleRinser saves time as well as water by making the task of drum cleaning an opportunity for primary producers to capture and use the rinse water. Where spray rigs are not fitted with induction and drum rinsing accessories, the TripleRinser fulfills these functions, being light and portable to a chemical mixing site, where soil contamination and water loss can be minimised. The unit can also be modified to induct detergents or solvents to speed up cleaning of hydrocarbons. Operating through water supply pressures, a custom venturi fitted to the waste outlet will deliver the chemical container rinse water to a spray tank, maximising the full use of chemical and providing safe chemical induction to the tank. The unit is shipped free nationally and in kitset form, achieving lower freight cost. Plumbing is pre-assembled and the unit requires only basic tools to assemble quickly, and become operational in minutes.

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