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The Equipment I am interested in is:
HQ, HWT, Drill Pipe, Core Barrels, Collars, Stabilisers & other down hole equipment ()
Price: $0.00
Description: Approx 356 HQ drill rods, 3M(L) x 89mm O/D (3 1/2``) each Approx 48 HWT Drill Rods, 3M(L) x 114mm O/D ( 4 1/2``) each Core Barrel, PQ3, complete with diamond core bit, reamer and back end reamer, 3M(L) Package (Unused) 4 x HWT shoe bits (213791-283) Package 3 x (Unused) HQ core barrel head assemblies (213791-131) Package Quantity split tubes used and unused Sandvick 6m HQ3, pvc HQ 6M, holding trays (213791-166) Package 17 x used HQ core barrel head assemblies; and 2 x used NQ assemblies with quantity spare parts (213791-132) Package Approx 9 x (Unused) HQ blow out adaptors (213791-274) Package Approx 16 x (Unused & Used) HQ pump out plugs with o-rings and threaded pins (213791-273) Package Approx 28 assorted core barrel components, including 3m(L) PQ3 and HQ3 outer, inner and split tubes (213791-134) Package Drilling fluids test kit including marsh funnel and cup, mud balance, sand content kit and filter press Package ROTARY 2 x PCD Stiff hole drilling assemblies, 3.8m and 2.4m including 1 x 96mm and 1 x 99mm, 1 x PCD bit, 2 x reamer/stabilisers and 1 x collar Package Approx 59 new or near new, 2 3/8 Inch, API IF drill rods, 6M x 89mm O/D (3 1/2``) each Approx 36 used, 2 3/8 Inch, API IF drill rods 6m(L) x 89mm OD (3 1/2``) and 1 x 3m(L) x89mm O/D (3 1/2``) each 1 x 3m(L) & 1 x 2m(L) x 89mm O/D (3 1/2``) drill rods Package Float Valve Sub, 2 3/8`` API IF pin and box thread with 2 unused valve assemblies and extra seals Package 5 x Heavy Height Collars 6 1/2" OD x 6m each 1 x Heavy Height Collars 8" OD x 4m each 3 x Stabiliser 8 1/2" Spiral with TCI Buttons each 4 x Stabiliser approx 6 1/8" Spiral with TCI Buttons each

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