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The Equipment I am interested in is:
*SOLD* HE175LM mounted on a 2000 Iveco Eurotrakker 6x6 and Compair Holman 255/24 compressor trailer* (sale-ehub428)
Price: $285,000.00
Description: The equipment listed comprises of a HE175LM well drilling rig mounted on an Iveco Eurotrakker 6x6 military vehicle (gross vehicle weight of 33000kg) and a compressor mounted on a 4-wheeled trailed towed by the rig. The drilling rig is capable of drilling holes through all strata using various techniques. Rotary and down the hole hammer drilling, 300mm dia to 500 metres deep and 500mm dia to 100 metres deep. The HE175LM is powered by a caterpillar 3306 DITA water-cooled diesel engine having an output of 224Kw @ 1800RPM. It is housed in an acoustic enclosure. It drives the hydraulic pumps via a direct-drive splitter box. The whole assembly is jacked up using four stabiliser jacks mounted to the mainframe of the vehicle. A box section mast is attached to the rear of the vehicle and is raised using hydraulic cylinders. The working rotary-head traverse of the mast is 6.5 metres. The rotary head is held in a carriage that is traversed along the mast guided by rollers running in a channel. The carriage is driven along the mast by a hydraulic cylinder via a leaf chain. The carriage can swing open through 90 degrees to allow the hoist rope to pass freely. The rotary drill head, having a maximum drilling torque of 8000Nm at a maximum speed of 75RPM is powered by a hydraulic motor, which incorporates a speed change valve to give a speed of 150RPM. A rod-handling device is mounted below the drill head. This facilitates the adding and removal of drill rods to/from the drill string without the need to physically hold the rod by the operator. The drill head tilts through 90 degrees so that the rod can be added/removed. A main winch having a pull of 47kN is mounted on the rear of the mast. The winch incorporates a failsafe brake. This winch is used to handle the drill string in and out of the borehole. It can be reeved with a travelling-block, which is fitted with a safety hook. A service winch having a pull of 15kN is fitted to the side of the mast. The winch is fitted with a failsafe brake. It is used to handle drill pipe using a pipe boom mounted on the side of the mast. A hydraulically powered mud pump provides flushing/mud for the drilling procedure. The pump is mounted on the mainframe of the vehicle. A hydraulically powered foam pump provides foam provides foam to assist in the removal of drilling cuttings when air flushing. The pump is mounted on the mainframe of the vehicle. An electric/air-powered lubricator provides a metered amount of oil, which lubricates the down the hole hammer. The pump is mounted on the mainframe of the vehicle. Dimensions with running gear Length: 4851mm Width: 2261mm Height: 2591mm Track width: 1778mm Weight: 6169kg Rated capacity (no drill collars) Rotary drilling: " 300mm dia = 500m " 500mm dia = 200m Down the hole: " 300mm dia = 200m " 500mm dia = 100m Power pack Caterpillar 3306B DITA water-cooled diesel engine producing 224Kw @ 1800 RPM Rotary head output Max torque: 8000Nm @ 0-75RPM Max speed: 4000Nm @ 0-150RPM Max torque (reverse): 16000NM @ 0-30RPM Spindle bore: 75mm Mast* Total working length: 6.5m below sheave block hook Maximum drill pipe: 6.0m Rotary head stroke: 4.4m Hoist capacity (pull back): 170Kn Feed capacity (pull down): 90Kn Fast hoist speed: 22m/min Slow hoist speed: 2.8m/min Down feed (drilling): 0-2m/min Gross crown block capacity: 160Kn * Fitted with pipe boom for service winch allowing equipment to be brought to the drilling position through 180 degrees. Jacks Twin front and twin rear hydraulic levelling jacks fitted with mechanical lock vales. Jack capacity: 20000kg each Mud pump Type: Centrifugal Output: 0-1800 L/min Pressure: 13.6 bar Pipe size: 3

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